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Simple Man Pacakges

Make it last. Since you don't frequent Gents daily, make the most of each trip by bundling your services together. That way, with one quick trip you can get a trim, relax and feel your best. We are sure any of our packages will make you feel relaxed and refreshed so you can get back to getting business done. We tend to suggest:

The "John Gentry"

Go old school with a signature haircut, a hot shave and a manicure. $100

The "Sean O'Callaghan"

Get sharp with the manicure, pedicure, and finish with the Einstein. $100

The "Woodrow Wilson"

Unwind with a 1 hour massage, a facial, and the Einstein. $165

The "Jeremy Lee"

Getting married in a matter of hours? Whether you are or not, get the works… signature haircut, hot shave, full manicure, full pedicure, 1-hour massage, facial, final rinse and style, and a toast to you! Nice hustle. That’s what we like to see! $285

Times have changed for the better. The ladies are not the only ones that need spoiling. If you are getting married, or you know someone who is, Gents is the perfect place to bring the fellas together before the big moment. We welcome wedding groups and private parties! Bring it!