Gents Barberspa
Hair Cuts & Other Services

Hair Cuts & Other Pampering Services

Every gentlemen needs to look his best to feel his best. We’ve designed a number of unique treatments that will leave you feeling clean, fresh and polished all while in an atmosphere than only a man could appreciate. Gone are the days of a feminine salon leaving men to stick out like a sore thumb, The Gents Barberspa experience is designed for men and only men. Even a simple trim has never felt so great with our personalized services and attentive staff.

The Gent's Signature Haircut

Start your experience right with a Q&A session with our specialist in order to make sure she knows what you want in a haircut. Then, relax in our quiet wash room, with a courtyard view, and take in the tingling-mint shampoo and scalp massage. When you are ready, Stride to one of our classic barber-chairs, with private televisions and views of Vendue Range and East Bay. Here, you will have a haircut from the finest the city has to offer. Upon completion, enjoy a final rinse, and have your hair dried and styled.


Quick Color

We have a variety of colors to keep your hair looking distinguished, and just the way you want it – and, this is an easy addition to the signature haircut. Please, talk about this with your stylist during the Q&A session.


The Highlights of Youth

If you are considering highlights, this is the place to do it. Our stylists are well trained in giving you highlights that look natural. Go as extreme as you want, or as light and subtle as you can imagine.


The Einstein

This service is for when you don’t really need a haircut, but having a nice long scalp massage and shampoo sounds great. Finished with a dry and style, you get to enjoy all the great parts of our signature service without the trim.


The Old-School Gentleman's Hot Face Shave

Lay back and relax- return to the era of romance and sophistication. Let our specialist lather-massage your face with warm oils and shaving cream as you recline in our luxurious barber-chair. You will receive a close shave from our “Bismarck” straight-edge razor. Just when you think it’s over, our specialist will massage tingling aftershave into your skin before wrapping you with a damp warm towel. If you haven’t tried it, you owe it to yourself.


The Manly Manicure

Get your hands healthy with this treatment -- the full boat -- working the cuticles, soaking your hands, cutting, filing, and buffing your nails to perfection. Put the man in manicure!


The Perfect Pedicure

Unbelievable. Women kept this a secret for way too long. It is much more than trimming your toenails… it’s cleaning, grooming, soaking, and one hell of a foot massage.


The Executive Shoe Shine

Take a seat in our custom built shine chair, or leave them with us – George shines them right. Since the beginning, he is on-site Monday through Friday, from 9-1.

$10 for shoes   |   $18 for boots or golf shoes